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Access to a variety of resources is vital to anyone seeking specialized information about food safety. You can view the latest version of the US FDA Food Code and learn more about foodborne illness by browsing the Web sites contained within the links below. These links are just a start; development is currently underway for a comprehensive food safety resources section of NEHA Food Safety Training's Web site.


For those professionals that prefer a self-paced learning option. Online options are in the process of being developed, and more information about these options will be posted on this site in the future.

Instructor-led Classroom Settings

For those professionals that prefer to learn through in-person interaction with an instructor and other candidates.

  • Epi-Ready Team Training – A Foodborne Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance Training Workshop

  • (HACCP) Manager Certification Course
    July 8, 2013, NEHA Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition

    Managing food safety risks in a food service or food manufacturing setting has never been more important. With new mandates on preventive controls, food operations need to protect their liability and livelihood by implementing food safety management plans to reduce the risk of becoming involved in a food safety outbreak. This course will provide participants with the information necessary to implement an effective and dynamic HACCP program in any food operation. The course will teach students how to identify, assess, and reduce or eliminate potential food hazards by utilizing the principles of HACCP. Students will gain the understanding to develop and manage preventive control plans. Participants are expected to have prior food safety knowledge. Previous training with a minimum of Certified Professional Food Manager is recommended. Register Today!

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