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Access to a variety of resources is vital to anyone seeking specialized information about food safety. You can view the latest version of the US FDA Food Code and learn more about foodborne illness by browsing the Web sites contained within the links below. These links are just a start; development is currently underway for a comprehensive food safety resources section of NEHA Food Safety Training's Web site.


For those professionals that prefer a self-paced learning option. Online options are in the process of being developed, and more information about these options will be posted on this site in the future.

Instructor-led Classroom Settings

For those professionals that prefer to learn through in-person interaction with an instructor and other candidates.

  • Epi-Ready Team Training – A Foodborne Disease Epidemiology and Surveillance Training Workshop

  • HACCP Manager Certification Course

    Course – July 11, 2014 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Exam – July 12, 2014 from 12:30 to 2:30 pm

    The course curriculum consists of 11 modules covering topics on meeting government, industry, and auditor requirements for the development of a working HACCP plan.

    Managing food safety risks in a food service setting has never been more important.  With foodborne illness outbreaks occurring weekly in the United States, retail operations need to protect their liability and livelihood by implementing food safety management plans using the preventative principles of HACCP for Retail Food Operations.  Many jurisdictions require HACCP plans in place when foodservice operations do special processes such as sous vide, cook/chill and vacuum sealing.  The HACCP Manager Certification Course is designed for NEHA trainers, students and foodservice professionals working in retail food operations.  It is also an excellent body of knowledge for any Food Safety professional and should be seen as an important supplement to your existing training. 

    This course will provide participants with the information necessary to implement an effective and dynamic food safety management system in a retail foodservice operation.  The course will teach students how to identify, assess and reduce or eliminate food safety risks by utilizing the Process Approach to HACCP.  Students will take a nationally recognized HACCP Manager Certification Exam at the end of the course.  Cost is $249 for members and $299 for non-members.  Pre-requisite: minimum of CPFM certification recommended.  Limit 50 people.

    Who Should Take the Course?
    • Restaurant Owners/Chefs
    • Commissary managers
    • HACCP Team Members
    • Line managers and staff
    • Foodservice third-party auditors
    • Regulatory inspectors for retail food operations

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Training Materials



Professional Food Handler (PFH)ANSI accredited.  Meets CA and IL food handler requirements.  NEHA's Professional Food Handler textbook provides food handlers access to essential knowledge and understanding of fundamental food safety practices that they need to carry out their work safely. Concise, brightly illustrated, and written at the eighth-grade level, this student textbook has proved to be an effective tool in the workplace. Based on the FDA 2013 Food Code, this book presents all the essential microbiological and technical food safety principles in ways that are easy to read, understand, and retain. In addition to containing fundamental food safety practices, the book also includes informative graphics that assist readers in retaining the information.

Click here for the Professional Food Handler Textbook


Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM)Our course book and classes were created by the same experts that develop the training materials for public health inspectors and environmental health professionals.  This easily digestible book will prepare you and your team leaders to take the ANSI-CFP* nationally accredited certification examination recognized in all 50 states.  It is also available in the online format used by many of the larger US retail food corporations. Available in English and Spanish   *American National Standards Institute – Conference for Food Protection

Click here for the Certified Professional Food Handler Course Book


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